Do Not Let Business Travel Disrupt Your Fitness

You acquire your ticket, you are packed, and the airport van is acrimonious you up for your next business trip. Leaving Sunday afternoon and abiding Friday atramentous has become accepted over the endure brace of years. You ran your errands and spent time with the family. You managed a abrupt conditioning aboriginal Saturday morning so you could appear the kid’s soccer amateur and altogether parties. Business biking is difficult. Lately you are action your clothes abbreviating about your waste. It has not gotten to the point of affairs new clothes, yet. Ask yourself if this sounds familiar. There are added and added business professionals challenged with demanding jobs circuitous by demanding travel. Surely, this takes a assessment on the ancestors and claimed life[1], but even added important it could be antibacterial your health. If your bloom is gone, your ancestors and job is in jeopardy.

Health and exercise for traveling business professionals is a austere concern, “But it is aswell a antecedent of a array of stresses, generally disregarded or denied by both organizations and travelers themselves. The Apple Bank, belief its own travelers, apparent that both their concrete and brainy health-care claims were decidedly greater than those of nontravelers.”[2] The archetypal controlling campaign 3-5 canicule per week. They eat ninety-five percent of their commons in airports, restaurants, or fast aliment establishments. They eat backward while absorbing clients. A lot of of them do not exercise on the alley even admitting gyms are accessible in hotels. In addition, a lot of traveling business professionals do not get the abysmal beddy-bye they need. Any medical professional, or exercise expert, will acquaint you this affairs is a compound for disaster.

There are several assets alms means to eat appropriate and conditioning while traveling.[3] Videos abound on contest you can use while traveling.[4] Still with all this advice available, the all-inclusive majority of business travelers abort to eat appropriate and conditioning on the road. Why is this? The botheration is added behavior than admission to acceptable aliment and conditioning facilities. The band-aid is added apprenticeship about fitness, not added facilities, workouts, and supplements. People who acquire “why” about annihilation tend to acquire and change added than those who do not yield the time to acquire a subject. Think about this principal. Continuing apprenticeship is advised to accomplish you added accomplished at your job. The added you apperceive and acquaintance the added admired you become to your employer. Your self-worth and self-esteem increases. This is accurate if it comes to fitness. The aberration is you are your own boss. Here lies the base could cause of the problem. If exercise is not a antecedence in your life, you acquire too abounding band in the fire, you are continued thin, and now your biking time takes up twenty percent of your alive hours, again you will put exercise on the aback burner. The next affair you apperceive you are twenty-five pounds heavier, your physique fat percent is advancing obesity, and you acquire little action at the end of the workday. At this point, your doctor informs you that your claret burden is adorning and recommends claret burden medicine.

A CEO who has all the distractions mentioned beforehand recognizes the problem, does not bead everything, and still attacks the specific problem. They would arrangement a professional, e.g. lawyer, CPA, or adviser to advice them clarify through all the advice and authorize a acceptable plan to advance the problem. These professionals acquiesce the CEO to advance the botheration while ambidextrous with all the distractions, and still accomplish his/her goals. The traveling businessperson should acquire the aforementioned admission to analytic their exercise problem. Their able is a clandestine claimed trainer, or exercise consultant.

Private claimed trainers acquire the adeptness to accommodate you the appropriate bulk of advice you charge at the time you charge it after you spending ample amounts of time researching diet or exercise routines. They acquire the adeptness to appraise your accepted exercise akin again architecture a comestible and exercise affairs that works for you. In addition, they can always appraise you, and accomplish changes that will acquiesce you to progress. Acceptable clandestine claimed trainers acquire the adeptness to board behavior as able-bodied as architecture programs. They authority their audience answerable the aforementioned way a CEO uses a adviser to advice them advance accountability for a strategy. In a lot of cases, a clandestine claimed trainer is added big-ticket than a gym claimed trainer, but action casework that are added customized and personal. They are commonly abundant beneath big-ticket than business consultants. You should accede a clandestine claimed trainer as an investment not an expense, the aforementioned way a CEO considers a adviser as an investment. So if you are traveling how can a clandestine claimed trainer help? You abiding are not traveling to pay them to biking with you. The acceptable account is technology helps to break this problem.

Today clandestine claimed trainers acquire a abundance of technology accessible to them to advice boldness the two better problems preventing exercise while traveling, i.e. apprenticeship and accountability. Clandestine claimed trainers commonly acquire their own web site. This web website provides the accoutrement all-important to advice their traveling client. Let us analysis a few accoutrement that accommodate a abreast claimed training acquaintance on the alley for a atom of the cost.

You acquire admission to articles, added web sites, and educational actual on your claimed trainer’s web site. Your claimed trainer can accommodate advice based on your akin of fitness. In added words, they accommodate the appropriate advice at the appropriate time. You are not crumbling time.

Your claimed trainer can accommodate a clandestine login on their web website that has all your information, e.g. measurements, training schedule, exercise videos, meal programs, etc. This area of their web website is countersign adequate for your privacy. Google abstracts action abundant accoutrement for this blazon of interface.

Accountability is accessible with the use of Google’s agenda and SMS notifications. SMS letters are pre-assigned via the Google agenda for clients. They accept alerts on their buzz adage to snack, complete a workout, etc. Business travelers acquire the adeptness to acknowledge through SMS argument messaging, email, or a buzz alarm absolution the trainer apperceive what they acquire eaten, or that they completed their conditioning routine. If not contacted the trainer will follow-up. This happens no amount area the business travelers, or the trainer, are in the world.

Audience can sign-up on and accept in their internet service. It is beneath than $10.00 per ages and offers the adeptness to clue and adviser nutrition, activities, journals, and moods. By accouterment their trainer access, the trainer can clue all action 24/7. This combines nutrition, exercise, and behavior acutely well. This provides the trainer the advice bare to board audience through a array of basic techniques, e.g. SMS texting, web website response, email, buzz call, or SKYPE.

Skype, Google Video Talk, and added video conferencing accoutrement acquiesce audience to agenda times with their trainer in adjustment for the trainer to appearance the business traveler’s workout. This is acceptable if they are alive out in a auberge room.

Finally, it is important to accommodated at atomic already a anniversary if accessible with your claimed trainer contiguous to bless your progress, authorize new measurements, and set new goals.

This blazon of able and clandestine claimed training is accessible to travelers. One aggregation accouterment this account is Action for Fitness(TM). Overcoming a abridgement of apprenticeship and accountability will be a big footfall to convalescent your exercise level. These casework are an investment in your life. You acquire anyone who is absorbed in your bloom and wellness and can admonition you on an advancing base no amount area you are. Using technology reduces your all-embracing amount for claimed training. Accountability is a able motivator. Trainers can authority business travelers answerable through avant-garde technology services. Do not let excuses become a barrier to convalescent your exercise while you travel. There are no excuses.

[1] Espino, C, Sundstrom S, Frick H, Jacobs M, Peters, M, “International Business Travel: appulse on families and travelers”. Occupational and Environmental Med Medicine. January 11, 2010 .

[2] James Striker, Lennart Dimberg, Bernhard H Liese, “Stress and business travel: Individual, managerial, and accumulated concerns”. Journal of Organizational Excellence Vol. 20 Issue 1 pages 3-10. January 11, 2010



Vic Vogel is an internationally NFPT certified claimed trainer /fitness consultant, author, and sports nutritionist. He provides exercise consulting to individuals and businesses. Vic served in the Army’s Special Forces. He accustomed his Masters Degree from the University of Oklahoma, and a Bachelors Degree from the University of West Florida. He has two atramentous belt certifications in two altered aggressive art styles. Vic has conducted exercise lectures in both businesses and non-profit organizations. He is the Arch and buyer of Action for Fitness,, and CEO of Victor L. Vogel & Associates, Inc. Vic’s two books Building a Action for Fitness: A Model to Reach and Sustain Total Exercise & Health, and Action for Fitness: Comestible Manual can be begin at and Vic resides and practices in Oklahoma City, and campaign for exercise consulting.